LeafLock is an American lock, who joined Newgrounds in 2007.

Flash AuthorEdit

As of July 2011, Leaf has 28 submissions on Newgrounds, with three Daily 2nd's, an Underdog, a Review Crew, a daily 5th, and a Daily Feature.


Leaf is an active Lock- almost all his movies are Lock Legion; He was inspired by RefreshLocks long rant in the forums in April 2010 to create the Renew movie, which in turn inspired IceDragon64 of the Dragons & Spirits to connect with the Legion and improve the Lock presence on Wikigrounds,then to create Wikilock Wiki.

Leaf Lock, the Character Edit

So far, as of April 2010, Leaf Lock the character is not very developed. He uses a Speakonia-style voice, to express LeafLock's thoughts, in a green, leaf-shaped lock with green hands.

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Leaf's Userpage