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About Onigiri LockEdit

Onigiri lock AKA John Reis, joined in 2007 under the name NINJAJOHN7 but did not post videos until late 2009. With changes in what he wanted to make and the fear of blam he did not make flash. However, in 2009 before crashed again John became a lock as NinjaLock. When he discovered this it was taken he wanted to change to Onigiri Lock. Before he could change his name Onigiri was challenged by MP3 lock to make a cartoon about himself, then MP3 would change his name. Shortly after the video Meet Onigiri lock was posted crashed and the Lock Legion moved to and in the process of confusion and misinformation many members were lost.

Months later Onigiri Lock joined in a flash tournament hosted by RaccoonLock in a battle between 8 Locks. Sadly the only Locks to finish their movies were Wine lock (who posted 28 Locks Later - Ep. 1 and Onigiri (who posted LL random anime ). The others were lazy and didn’t finish.

Years later Onigiri Found this article again and said... "HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THIS IS THE DUMBEST WEBSITE EVER!"

Side gagsEdit

- Onigiri is a cannibal for eating smaller onigiri.

- Onigiri is an Otaku.

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