RaccoonLock dancing with SunshineLock

he's a p cool guy

Reasons why ducky loves raccoonlockEdit

  • hes a p cool guy
  • everyone loves him
  • hes a freaking raccoon!!1
  • he likes dancing
  • he likes dancing with beams of light
  • he lifts
  • he has dumbbells
  • he has a penis, like me
  • he has jiggly appendages
  • hes french
  • i think
  • he has fur
  • hes a furry (No I'm not you butt)
  • he loves yiff
  • me too
  • yeah
  • his dead carcass is curled up in a ball in the corner of my apartment and it's starting to smell.
  • have you tried febreeze?
  • yes, it doesn't work...

Reasons Wizard loves Racoon LockEdit

  • he lifts
  • he lifts
  • y- you too
  • please respond
  • is lock legion
  • everyone loves him
  • ducky is a fag