Redbull Lock, or Michael O' Flaherty


A selection of Redbull's alleged quotes:

"I'm dyslexic I did my best "

"I was referring to his walking sticks and because he in a urban city like location with no slow. and of cause be is crippled"

"Urban skying is awesome just look at this kids excited face "

"no I really do have transgendered issues and I thought by making fun of myself it would help me not self harm because I was born in a male body. my gender identity issues started before puberty when I was still 5 I wanted to be a girl, I started dressing up and singing madonna. when puberty started I started shaving my legs, arms and chest so I could look more convincing when I dressed up, but because I looked so convincing whenever I was grabbed between my legs by a boy they would beat me up because I have a penis. I'm currently a pre-opt transsexual I'm developing breasts and the shape of my body is changing thanks to the hormones. I take a monthly injection of estrodial and I take daily estrogen tablets, I plan to travel to thailand to get my sex reassignment surgery done to turn my penis into a functional vagina but with more sensation than a biological female. I'm currently living as a woman and I'm loving it."