StrawberryLock was the creator of the Lock Legion and its first leader. He joined Newgrounds in 2002 and created the submission SBL's Triumph as a joke to annoy the Clock Crew. After submitting three more Lock movies in 2003, he officially left Newgrounds.

Flash AuthorEdit

Strawberry has 4 submissions, all of which were submitted in 2003, and all of which have scores higher than 3.6/5.

Founder of the Legion Edit

Strawberry founded the Lock Legion in 2003 with his submission of SBL's triumph. A select few other NG users took this as a call to arms, and joined Strawberry, taking up names such as OrangeLock, RabbitLock, and CannabisLock. This was the beginning of the Lock Legion, and when most of these founding Locks retired within a year or two, it left the group open for BananaLock to step in and shape the Legion into what it is today.

Strawberry Lock, the character Edit

It was Strawberry Lock, who took up the Key of Glorton, which was found in the Cave of Ashunda and struck down Strawberry Clock, thus heralding a new era.