Key of glorton

the key of glorton is a mystical keyblade-like weapon that indictates that whoever obtains it is the king of the lock legion. The key is currently lost and will only apear again when the time is right.


Over 2000 years ago, in the year 57 B.C. StrawberryLock's father, at the time only a lowly peasant, was journeying through the Cave of Ashunda and came across an enchanted relic. 'Twas the Key of Glorton, an ancient device that granted incredible power to whomever wielded it. Upon his death, he relinquished the relic to StrawberryLock, reminding him to never surrender. With that a new era era in which Locks were Earth's mightiest force. He who holds it is seen as the Leader of the Lock Legion. BananaLock many years later took the key from Strawberry, and changed the Lock Legion forever. He made it more than what it was, and changed it for the better, into a full flash crew instead of just a small spam crew against the Clocks. Some of the original Locks may dissagree, but this is generally accepted by the current and some of the former Locks.


What happens when a lock becomes unlocked is widely speculated on. No one is sure if an unlocking has ever actually taken place, most are too afraid to find out what will happen. It is believed, however, that being unlocked will release your full potential. The result may be entirely different for each lock, only being unlocked will reveal what your specific case will be.

In 2006, the concept of being unlocked was featured in a collaborative animation called The Unlocked Collab, in which participants created brief animations displaying what they thought might happen if they were unlocked. A second Unlocked Collab was planned but ended up being scrapped due to participants not completing their parts.