TreeLock is an twelve year old guy from Romania whose real name is Lorenzo. He joined Newgrounds in late 2009. However he did not submit anything until mid 2011, when he joined the Lock Legion. Tree (or Quava) left the LockLegion.

Flash AuthorEdit

He has 3 submissions of which only one is lock related and has no awards.


He's a rather new lock, so he hasn't done really much. But, he's an active forum poster and Wikilock editor. Also his username has been changed to Explosive's Bitch by an unknown admin, and has taken a particular liking to that name.

He later changed his name to Quava lock and then left the LockLegion for it's more acheiving older brother, the ClockCrew.

Tree, the characterEdit

So far, Tree Lock, the character, is not very developed. He's one of the lock with a glowing keyhole and he's represented by a potted tree.


"I'm a tree!"

"So this demon turns giant and his dick is made of 3 huge tentacles that fires lazer beams and destroys the city."

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Tree's Userpage